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  • Fuelling and toilet service completed in 20mins. That is fantastic. Thank you Landover Flight Services. - Capt. John
  • I just love the agility with which the handlers carried out their tasks. It was the best I have ever seen outside motor sport.


Landover Flight Services

We offer aeronautical support and ground handling services to international flight service companies, operators and air ambulance companies.

We offer complete aircraft operations expertise to companies who have aviation needs but are not in the aviation business.


This service is particularly useful for regional planning and involves the production of exploration mapping on an airborne platform.


Tailor-made to meet the operating needs of non-airline but aircraft utilizing companies or private aircraft owners.


Highly specialized to facilitate the evacuation of critically injured or ill persons from any of the major cities in Nigeria.


We offer landing and international overflight permit services for a broad range of flights operations.


We provide a bouquet of services tailored to give the best of flight experience wherever we do business.


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Mobile 1: 234-803 700 7018
Mobile 2: 234-802 314 1927


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