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Professional Products and Services

The Division specializes in marketing and sales of wide-range of aeronautical products including airway manuals (paper and electronic), GPS/GNS navdata service, Garmin navdata cards, flight planning applications, air navigation software products, general pilot accessories, flight information services, etc.

We are Jeppesen's Authorised Dealer for West Africa since 1999.

We are also the Publications Sales Agent (PSA) of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in Nigeria.

Jeppesen navigation chart is the premium solution for IFR/VFR flights anywhere in the world. They are indispensable navigation charts to aircraft pilots, flight dispatchers, airline operators and aviation regulatory agencies of government .....


Jeppesen Navdata provides accurate, dependable, and up-to-date air navigation data and integrated chart solutions available to ensure flight safety .........


Jeppesen offers complete, user-friendly flight planning solutions that reflect increasing delivery options, including online, PC and printable plans .......


Contact Us

Mobile: +234- 703 822 6270

Email: pro_products@landover.aero


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